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"Sapp 4XD" Caged Essential Oil/Rosin Extraction Press Plates

"Sapp 4XD" Caged Essential Oil/Rosin Extraction Press Plates

S.A.P.P brings to you the opportunity to create your own custom D.I.Y Essential Oil/Rosin Press. Here we have a set of Heavy Duty high performance industrial grade Caged Press Plates. These generation 3 Press Plates are sleek in design with a four pilar spring loaded system that ables the plates to self-locate for easier, even and efficient pressing. With its massive industrial 139mm L x 89mm W x 30mm H (5.5inch L by 3.5inch W by 1.1 inch H) aluminium plates capable to with stand 20tons of pressure force. The "Sappa 4XD" Press Plate can be used with almost any home or workshop hydraulic press. Simply place, set the temp and press. Also comes with a free kit valued at $100


1 x Sappa 4XD Caged Press Plates

1 x Dual PID Temperature Controller

1 x Set of Elements

*Free Press Kit Includes:

10 x Sheets of Sapp's Professional Rosin Press Parchment Paper

12 x Sapp's Nylon Filter Rosin Press Bags

2x 127mm x 76mm 160micron bag / 5inch by 3inch bag

5x 101mm x 64mm 160micron bag / 4inch by 2.5inch bag

5x 101mm x 64mm 120micron bag / 4inch by 2.5inch bag

1x S.A.P.P's 152mm x 152mm(6'x6'inch) Collection Plate

1 x Set of Scales

1 x Timer

2 x 2 ml Silicone Containers

1 x CollectingTool

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    $809.10Sale Price
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