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“Sapp BTG” Sapp’s 3Piece burn bundle

“Sapp BTG” Sapp’s 3Piece burn bundle

Here's a awsome 3 piece bundle that we are offering today. First in our bundle is our ever trusty high performace Big Shot Refillable Butane torch. More than adequate heat to do the big jobs and the small jobs. This torch is able to work upside down and at 360'degrees round. Second in our bundle is the accurate Infrared Thermometer Gun. Super handy to have around but is a must when have your setting your rig to your desired temp. Thirdly we have our Quartz banger Combo.this combo has a 25mm Quartz banger,Quartz swirl cap and 2 glow in the dark quartz terp balls. This also comes with the stem angle option of either a 45'degree stem or a 90'degree angle stem with 14mm male tip. What a great bundle to set you off on the right track.

Bundle includes:

1x Big Shot Butane Torch

1x Infrared Thremometer Gun

1x Quartz Banger Combo (with your chose of stem angle)

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