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"Sapp PB1205"Nylon Mesh Extraction Press Filter Bag

"Sapp PB1205"Nylon Mesh Extraction Press Filter Bag

The Sapp nylon mesh extraction press filter bags are second to none when it comes to quality,strenght and durablity. These factors will increase yeilds and provid you with a contaminant free and a solventless desirable product. The Sapp extraction bags have been proven to work efficently in both the bottle tech method or the lying flat/pillow tech method. Made from 100% Food grade nylon mesh and fully FDA Approved.

      This bag is designed to give a more refined filtered product.


1x 10pack Nylon Mesh Extraction Press Filter Bags

size- 101mm x 64mm 160microns / 4inch by 2.5inch 120microns


    $22.00 Regular Price
    $19.80Sale Price
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