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"Sapp PM3" S.A.P.P's 3'x5'inch Prepress Molds

"Sapp PM3" S.A.P.P's 3'x5'inch Prepress Molds

When trying to maximumize press volume, a key component in the process is to pre-press your material in a pre-press mold. Pre-pressing allows you to preform your material to maximize pressing volume and a higher return, reduces material movement inside the filter bag while under pressure, allows for more even heating and release of the essentail oil extract. These pre-press molds works injunction with the 3'x6'inch rosin press filter bags.

Mold size: 76mm x 127mm (3inch by 5inch)


1x Aluminium Pre-press Mold (3inch by 5inch)

3pc 160micron rosin press nylon filter bags(3inch by 6inch)

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    $129.89Sale Price
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